Xfinity Concepts

Concept Design & Animation


The initial concept was to demonstrate how Xfinity internet, with its lightning-fast speeds, was tailor-made for gamers. To bring this idea to life, I custom-modeled a gaming console in the shape of the Xfinity X, infusing it with intricate textures and other design elements to create a truly immersive gaming experience. The end result was a unique and visually striking representation of the perfect blend of high-speed internet and cutting-edge gaming technology.


Inspired by the iconic MTV idents from the early 1980s, we embarked on a creative journey to develop a series of unique X symbols that could be tailored to a variety of holidays and activities. With the concept in place, my role involved meticulously crafting and assembling the different elements to bring the design to life. The final product, which would have been a series of 5-second TV bumpers, would have showcased the dynamic and versatile nature of the Xfinity brand.


My collection of Xfinity product explorations and style frames showcase my passion for design and attention to detail, highlighting the brand’s commitment to exceptional user experiences.